High School Musical 2 2018

Designed by Liz Mills based on an idea from Hester Mauduit

This year we will be preforming High School Musical 2 as our Weekend Show. As is tradition, this production will be cast, rehearsed and performed over one weekend in a total of 24 hours. The performance will take place on the 23rd of September 2018 in the Queen Margaret Union!

About the show:
Schools out and the East High Wildcats are ready for the summer of their lives! Star basketball player Troy Bolton gets all the East High gang jobs at Lava Spring Country Club – which happens to be owned by the family of popular girl Sharpay Evans! The Wildcats have to work together to overcome the challenges the summer brings as they aim to perform at the Midsummers Talent Show! Filled with catchy numbers and all rehearsed over the course of a weekend – this production will truly be: “all for one and one for all!”

How to get involved:

In order for this show to be as brilliant as possible we need a cast and Tech Team – so here’s where you come in!

Here at The Cecilian Society we are proud to have an open-chorus policy, meaning everyone who wants to perform will be on stage during the performance. Similarly, we are always looking for new people wanting to join our amazing Tech Team!
If you would like to get involved with High School Musical 2, on-stage or off, please come to the Food Factory in the Queen Margaret Union at 7pm on Thursday 20th of September 2018.
Make sure you like our Facebook page and click “going” on our event for reminders and updates!


For Weekend Show, even our tech is created in 24 hours! If you think you would enjoy building the set, operating light and sound, or generally just getting involved with the running of the performance, then join our amazing Tech Team! No previous experience is needed, just the desire to have fun!
After an initial meeting on the 20th, the Tech Team for High School Musical 2 will be required on 21st-23rd September.


If you are interested in spending a weekend singing and dancing, our pre-audition rehearsal and auditions will be held at Food Factory in the QMU from 7pm until late on Thursday 20th September. Everything needed to audition will be supplied and taught on the night.
If you are happy to be in the chorus there is no need to audition, however we strongly recommend that you still attend the Thursday rehearsal as you will be learning chorus numbers.
The remaining rehearsals will take place on Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd, with the final performance being on the Sunday Evening.

For those auditioning, we will be casting a number of specialist singers and dancers, as well as principal characters. You may want to familiarise yourself with these roles:

TROY BOLTON (Tenor): Star and captain of the basketball team and the ultimate team player. Determined to get a summer job, a basketball scholarship and still spend time with his girlfriend Gabriella, Troy learns the difficulty of balancing his commitments. An overall good guy who aims to please everyone.

GABRIELLA MONTEZ (Alto): Troy’s brainy girlfriend whose genuine kindness helps her be friends with everyone. Sweet and somewhat shy, but will always stand up for her friends. She wants what’s best for Troy but won’t let her summer be affected by his mistakes.

CHAD DANFORTH (Tenor): Another basketball star and Troy’s second in command. A total dude who loves his team almost as much as he loves his girlfriend Taylor. But definitely not Ryan. There is absolutely nothing going on there. He swears.

TAYLOR MCKESSIE (Alto): Best friend to Gabriella and president of the science club. A driven girl who is not one to be messed with. She’s as loyal as she is smart. Although she can’t quite understand why she always catches her boyfriend Chad staring at Ryan…

ZEKE BAYLOR (Baritone): A loyal friend of Troy who is even sweeter than his home-baked crème brûlée. Even though Sharpay dumps him he doesn’t let that dampen his spirit and is determined to win her back. 

MARTHA COX (Mezzo-Soprano): Equal parts bookworm and hip-hop dancer, Martha is the dorky yet hip-hopping sidekick to Gabriella. Fun loving and free, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks; she just wants to show off her sweet moves.

JACK SCOTT (Bari-tenor): The school’s P.A. announcer with a voice so smooth his nickname is the “Velvet Fog Of East High”. Confident and suave he knows how to charm a crowd. But the only person he aims to charm is the schools awkward composer Kelsi Nielson.

KELSI NIELSON (Alto): East Highs incredibly shy composer who comes alive through her music. A musical genius who sees Troy and Gabriella as her muses. Loves being a Wildcat and see’s them as her family. 

SHARPAY EVANS (Mezzo-Soprano): The queen bee of Lava Springs and the star of the school musicals. Egocentric, glamorous, confident and outrageously spoiled, Sharpay will do anything to get her way. Even if that means throwing her brother Ryan to the side. An ambitious girl who wants to show the world just how fabulous she truly is.

RYAN EVANS (Tenor): Sharpay’s twin brother who has just as much star quality. Ryan loves singing, dancing and attention. He follows Sharpay’s orders but does want to break free from her shadow.  Being a nice guy when away from his sister, he forms a surprising friendship with the Wildcats. Especially Chad. But they are just bro’s. He swears.

MR. FULTON (Bari-tenor): The general manager of Lava Springs Country Club who is under the thumb of Sharpay Evans. A nice guy underneath the authoritarian surface but knows he can’t disobey the orders of his boss’s daughter and so reluctantly agrees to all of Sharpay’s wishes.

BLOSSOM, VIOLET, PEACHES (Mezzo-Soprano): Sharpay’s best friends at Lava Springs who are even more spoiled than the Evans twins. They are Sharpay’s most loyal followers but not when her back is turned, secretly only using her for their own social gain. They are sassy, loud and nearly always in-sync. 

The Cecilian Society proudly presents: Disney’s High School Musical 2.
Book by David Simpatico. Original Songs by Matthew Gerrard & Robbie Nevil, David N. Lawrence & Faye Greenberg, Randy Petersen & Kevin Quinn, Bryan Louiselle, Jamie Houston, Andy Dodd & Adam Watts, Antonina Armato & Tim James. Music Adapted, Arranged and Produced by Bryan Louiselle. Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie Written by Peter Barsocchini.
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe). All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI Europe www.mtishows.co.uk.