Footloose 2015

11952031_10156041191530593_7506411989037508965_nPoster designed by: Hayley Louise Macfarlane

Having moved with his mother from Chicago to the small, God-fearing town of Bomont, Ren McCormack is shocked to discover dancing has been banned in the town after several Bomont teens died while driving home from a wild party. He soon finds a friend in the goofy Willard, and a love interest in the rebellious daughter of the local Reverend, the most powerful man in town and main advocate of the ban.

Ren sets out to change the law of the town with the help of a gang of loveable friends, through the medium of song and dance. Footloose is a story about family, love, and freedom, and features several very popular songs, such as FootlooseLet’s Hear It for the Boy, and Holding Out for a Hero.

Director: Peter Robson

Assistant Director: Ruaridh Matheison

Musical Director: Marnie Yule

Assistant Musical Director: Hannah Mears-Young

Choreographer: Parissa Imani-Rad

Assistant Choreographer: Hedwig Klimiuk

Technical Director: Sean Craig

Assistant Technical Director: Bella Borgstein