Titanic 2015

Titanic Poster Final A3

Poster design by Orla Craig

Based on the true events of the ship’s tragic sinking, Titanic the Musical portrays the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the passengers who travelled together in 1912 through a score of beautifully written music.

Director – Laura Campbell: director@ceciliansociety.co.uk
Assistant Director – Katie Hart: assistantdirector@ceciliansociety.co.uk
Musical Director – Andrew McDivitt: musicaldirector@ceciliansociety.co.uk
Choreographer – James Parnell Mooney: choreographer@ceciliansociety.co.uk
Assistant Choreographer – Eilidh Turner: assistantchoreographer@ceciliansociety.co.uk
Technical Director – Martin Sinclair: technicaldirector@ceciliansociety.co.uk
Assistant Technical Director – Laura Bauld: assistanttechnicaldirector@ceciliansociety.co.uk
Costume – Millie Tigwell: costume@ceciliansociety.co.uk