Carmen 2009

Design by Nicola Coffield

The tale of the soldier, Don Jose and the beautiful gypsy, Carmen, is a love story like no other. Set in Spain, it’s a rather sombre musical, filled with love, death, war, destruction and betrayal. The costumes are bold, the story; heavy, the numbers; big and the singing is strong.

Director:  Marion Baird
Assistant Director: Sarah-Elizabeth Daly
Musical Director: Gregor Duthie
Choreographer: Amy Fieldhouse
Technical Director: Hanna Kilpi
Assistant Technical Director: Nicola Coffield

Carmen – the Musical shed its operatic past and with a strong cast and crew, we managed to take audiences overseas to Spain and draw them into Carmen’s story, giving such a traditional story a new breath of fresh air.

Photography by Sophie Malleson. See more of her work at

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