Jamie Maskall — President

Jamie is ‘often’ described as long, emotionally strong and filled with song which also describes his expectations for the Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingupcoming year as president. Despite being a 4th year uni student (Neuroscience & Psychology) he is excited to take up the mantle as the yoUnGEst EVeR Cecilian President👶🏼!!! In his time at Cecilians he’s played a snake, a stone, the ghost of David Bowie, a devil and (most challengingly) a small man. He intends to bring a similar level of chaotic energy to presidency that he brought to all of these roles but hopes the committee will know when to step in and put him in a timeout. Cecilians has been an hugely positive part of his university experience and he hopes to help extend this experience to all members: new, old and really really old.


Olivia Attwooll-Keith — Vice President

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and textOlivia is excited to be diving head first into another year of Cecilians as this years Vice President. Going into her fourth and final year of an English literature and music degree, she can’t wait to distract herself from the terrifying reality of becoming an adult with all things Cecilians. Performing and posing since the young age of 3 (see above) Olivia has been involved in all aspects of the society, from being a production team member for both a weekend show and a main show to an active committee member last year. She loves all things musical theatre and would like to use this moment to encourage everyone to watch her idol Barbara Streisand in A Star Is Born. She just really likes Barbara Streisand okay!! Olivia can’t wait to welcome all the new Fresher’s to the wonderful world of Cecilians and make it a year to remember!

Rachel Hunter — Secretary

Bonjour bois!!! Rachel is 2000 years old and jImage may contain: 1 person, dog and textust going into her millionth cecilian year. Upon being named fastest typer in the world, followed by a Pulitzer Prize for a particularly good email, she is very excited to be your secretary this year’ Raise your glass for spicy fonts. Here’s some fun facts about Rachel : she loves to dance and sing; she once fought a bear who was being mean about her Ariana choreo; she loves beans on toast; she’s the shortest 5ft woman there is; and she’s never been to Tanzania, Skegness or Burger King. Rach ‘lovestheminutes’ Hunter can’t wait to meet you all and say hello to old friends again! Woooo!!!

Jennifer Warren — Treasurer

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, hat, child and textJenny, who can’t actually play piano, has been a member of Cecilians since 2016 and, after a year reigning as your media queen👑, has decided to abdicate her throne and take up a more economical role within the society. In her new position, Jenny promises not to embezzle, provide an annoying amount of support and be a true spokesperson for the Geordie people💰. When not performing or counting dollar, she can be found professing her love for Buffy, drinking rose or cramming for her final year of an English Lit degree. Jenny can’t wait for the chaos of the year ahead, and is excited to follow in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton and have a hit musical written about her time as treasurer🎶.
To conclude, Jenny would like to remind our members to pass on their receipts this year if they would like to be reimbursed #shybairnsgetnowt 

Anna Bailey — University Affairs

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, close-up and text

Anna is a 2nd year chemistry student. A scientist with a love of musical theatre, she joined the cecilian society as soon as she could and was in the chorus for both high school musical 2 and children of eden in her first year. After an amazing year of singing, dancing, acting, socials and making loads of new friends, Anna decided to get more involved in the society and take on the role of university affairs. She feels this is a chance to put her organisation and planning skills to the test – hopefully it will all pay off in the end. She loves being a part of the amazing wacky family this society is and cannot wait for the year ahead!

Rosie Shaw — Company Manager

Image may contain: 1 person, bridge, sky, outdoor and waterMoving on from her delightful year as resident stores gremlin, Rosie is ready to jump into emailing and shmoozing to the mitchell and mti officials. As company manager and the society’s Boat Queen she looks forward to threatening to throw people into the ocean if they lose or damage their scripts 😊 Rosie’s achievements with Cecilians include being everybody’s Wholesome Friend, rescuing the beloved amp trolley after weekend show, and getting injured by being at everybody else’s elbow height. If you cant find Rosie, you’re probably looking too high. She can often be spotted twirling around in swishy skirts or quoting starkid musicals with her beautiful flatmates (hELLO?!??!?!) She can’t wait to get started on the year, where her personal goal is to be able to do the splits by show week without crying. She hopes she can be excused for failing to recreate her baby photo, but at least she carried on the theme of looking ridiculous near a body of water 🦎🛸🦑🤸‍♀️

Rahneda Veka — Stores Manager/Tech Liaison
( may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor, text and nature

Rahneda is very excited to be a part of this year’s committee, as it doesn’t just mean that she is now in charge of the wonderful mess that is stores, but she can also procrastinate her Theatre and English Literature degree even more. It’s not like it’ll give her a job anyway.
Rahneda’s first year with Cecilians was full of wonderful moments, such as having to be a snail and drowning in the flood – you know, the usual theatre fun. She is excited to come back for another year of fun rehearsals, great socials and the music by Stephen Schwartz… well maybe that one is a bit of an exaggeration. When not doing all the things Cecilian, she can be found drinking way too much coffee, performing a random musical in her living room and wishing Jasper in the Deadland had more chorus involvement (but don’t we all…)


Gustav Selstam — Membership

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and textGustav began his time with Cecilians by not talking to anyone for the first three months, therefore it was only natural that he should be put in charge of communicating regularly with members. As one of the more subdued personalities in the society, Mr Membership enjoys a low-key lifestyle, which is evident in his love for history and his refusal to use emojis. Gustav is allegedly from some European country and it will be a real shame when we have to Brexit him into the North Sea, but until then he looks forward to getting to know all the new people and learn complicated choreography.


Alexa Hayes — Social
( may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, living room and indoor

Fresh off the ark from Children of Eden, her first Cecilian show, Alexa is delighted to be stepping onto the Cecilian Society Committee as the person in charge of everyone having fun. As someone that both loves to plan and to party, she is eager to spend a year improving her costume skills and ensuring maximum society enjoyment at socials. Since she was a later addition to the society, not joining until her second year, Alexa appreciates how important it can be to have a friendly face at both rehearsals and socials and is greatly looking forward to being that positive person for new and old members alike. As standard, Alexa is a massive musicals nerd but when not dancing about in public or listening to cast albums, she is a third year Archaeology and Theatre Studies student. Before she gets started on ordering obscene amounts of curry and scouting for theme ideas, Alexa would just like to say she hopes you all enjoy the socials this year and forgive her if she badgers you about coming for a boogie on a Thursday.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, outdoor and textBeth Matson — Fundraising

Beth is so excited to be returning to her crazy, loud, fabulous family of Cecilians and is even more excited to be on committee once again however she’s thankful that she will no longer be drowning in posters & flyers! Beth is going into her third year of studying Music & Theatre studies and is quite terrified at the fact that this is when things actually begin to count! This year she hopes to make it through show week without being dosed up on painkillers and the smell of deep heat always following her around. Beth loves all things Disney and thinks that there definitely should be a separate monthly social dedicated to watching Disney films!? She is super excited to welcome in the freshers and can’t wait to introduce them to all the madness that Cecilians holds 💛


Susie McGuinness — PublicityImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling, grass, outdoor, nature and text

Building on her stellar record of selling 7 tickets on the basis of “I move a table in act two”- Susie is buzzed to be in charge of Publicity this year. She is in her 3rd year at Glasgow, studying Social Policy and Theatre Studies, which she hopes she can mash into a coherent degree and career through sheer force of will. As Assistant Stage Manager last year she developed her theory that no action truly occurs until it has been ticked off a colour coded list and recorded in a minimum of three shared google spreadsheets. Whilst opting not to set foot on it, Susie can be found in a variety of adjacencies to the stage e.g.- behind it shouting instructions, in front of it tearing tickets or underneath the steel deck eating Sweet Chilli Sensations. She remains the official yogurt of British Athletics.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and shoesLucy Docherty — Media

This time last year, Lucy was contemplating whether to join the musical theatre society she’d sought out so eagerly in first year, yet couldn’t join because of prior commitments. Now, a third year Primary Education student, Lucy has fully embedded herself into all things Cecilian. From choreographing this years Freshers Performance to bringing Pippin to show choice this year (which she will never stop talking about), Lucy has found herself with lots of responsibilities she didn’t necessarily think she’d end up with, yet is delighted to take on! A dancer at heart, Lucy’s love of dance and Musical Theatre in general began at a young age, so much so she made sure everyone stopped applauding too early during her 5 year old rendition of “Tomorrow” from Annie, simply so she could finish singing. Lucy is always up for any challenge thrown her way and cannot wait to break the world record for how many boomerangs one person can post in a year❤️