The Main Show

The Main Show is our big extravaganza, often held in February/March. Months of production go into the show. The dances are big, the music is bold and the set-pieces are thrilling. In previous years, the main shows have included Urinetown, All Shook Up and Crybaby, amongst numerous others! The Main Show is aimed to cater to everyone – actors, singers and dancers, and this year was Footloose!

Each year, the elected committee holds an open conference to choose the next show the society will produce. All members of the society are encouraged to come along to join the discussion, and it soon becomes an interesting process, where the various musical tastes and talents the society has can come to light. Both the Main Show and the Weekend Show are chosen during this time.

There is a particular criteria which must be adhered to when choosing the next Cecilian Main Show:

The rights must be available.
There ought to be significant parts for both male and female members.
There must be plenty for the chorus to do.
The show must not require cast members to be a particular age or race.
The show must be technically feasible.