Jekyll & Hyde 2014

Jekyll Poster Final A3Design by Orla Craig

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella, this musical adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde provided the Cecilian Society with something new and gritty to get their teeth into. It set the stage for one of the darkest, boldest and grittiest shows the society had ever put on.

Director – Ronan Radin
Assistant Director – Laura McLuskey
Musical Director – Niall Murray
Choreographer – Catherine Higgins
Assistant Choreographer – James Parnell-Mooney
Technical Director – Laura Bauld
Assistant Technical Director – Martin Sinclair

Technically, Jekyll & Hyde was one of the most interesting sets we’ve ever had in a show. As Jekyll slowly descended into madness, certain aspects of the set degraded with time. Lawrence Sharkey as Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde overcame such a challenging character and made it his own, and after the climactic Confrontation at the end of our final show, the theatre erupted with applause.


Photographs courtesy of Alex Lister with Vie Lumiere

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