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What is ‘The Hugh Gould Friends of The Cecilian Society’?

The Friends of the Society scheme allows alumni, family and friends to support the productions the society puts on each year. Hugh Gould was our first Vice-President, our second President, and was appointed Honorary President in 2002. He served and supported the society, attending almost every show until his death in December 2021. The Hugh Gould Friends of the Cecilian Society scheme furthers Hugh’s legacy of continued support of the Society he helped found.  Hugh has been a cornerstone of the society and has seen it go from strength to strength. This society would not be what it is today without his commitment and care, and he leaves behind a legacy that cannot be overstated. The Friends of the Society scheme allows us to grow and flourish and provides an opportunity for anybody to contribute to this wonderful thing that Hugh has created, and honour the legacy he has left behind.

This year, the Cecilian Society has not only celebrated our 70th birthday, but we also put on the first Weekend Show in three years! The success of High School Musical created a joyous atmosphere that will never be forgotten. We then worked towards, and performed, our Main Show, Footloose at Platform in Easterhouse from the 8th to the 11th of March 2023! This fundraiser aims to cover additional costs the society has had to incur due to the pandemic and also to raise money for Footloose.

Click the link to our IndieGoGo page here to get involved! Thank you!

Our Address

The Cecilian Society
c/o SRC, John MacIntyre Building
University of Glasgow
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