Honorary Members and Friends of the Society

Honorary President

Mr Iain Campbell

Honorary Vice President

Dr Ben Galloway

Honorary Members
Mr Douglas Rolland
Mr Laurence Clark
Mr Barclay Duff
Dr Daniel Cumming
Mr Andrew Walker
Dr Fraser McGibbon
Mr Douglas Brough
Dr Ewan Maclean
Ms Nicola Coffield
Ms Lorna Moir
Mr Gregor Duthie
Mr Alec ‘Toast’ Nicholson
Dr Paul Slevin
Ms Robyn Hunter
Mr Neil Gordon
Ms Laura Bauld

Friends of the Society
Harrison Owens
Mary Pellicano
Iain and Sheila Campbell
Doug Brough
Ewan Maclean
Alison Ford
Mark Pickavance
Jane Skinner
Nicola Pickavance
Mike D'Arcy
Thomas Mathieson
Sam Eastop
Scott Campbell
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Honorary President Hugh Gould
Honorary President Hugh Gould at the Society’s 50th Anniversary celebrations (Photograph courtesy of Margaret MacRitchie)